Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bugsy Malone

Who ever came up with the idea to make a musical about gangsters let alone one starring solely child actors? The zaniness doesn't stop there. The children in the movie use marshmallow launchers instead of guns, go out for sundaes instead of drinks, and drive pedaled powered cars instead of full sized automobiles. Through all of its conventions, however, Bugsy Malone is able to create a unique, highly moral, and light-hearted gangster-musical for the whole family to enjoy. 
It deals with the ideas of the gangster genre very interestingly. First and foremost, the idea to use only children in the film really impacts the themes and tone of the entire movie. By using this children's world in place of the darker and grittier real world, the film makes the morality of decisions clearer. It shows the American Dream in a way where there are tons of different possibilities and places to go and it's all based on the decisions that these kids make. It creates a nice ending message for kids watching the movie:

"You give a little love and it all comes back to you, you know you're gonna be remembered for the things you say and do."

Furthermore, the use of dubbing the kid's voices in song with older adult counterparts was a very bold and thoughtful idea. To me, it added to the impact of what these characters were saying in song. It made the ideas they presented, such as the busboy's dream of becoming a dancer, have much more merit and weight. It weighted down the songs almost to stand out from the rest of the film even more. 
The "Real" world

The use of a "backstage" world and a real world in the film also worked really well. There were multiple conflicts in the movie, the one between the mobsters and the one with the performers- the dreamers. The actual songs used for each of these worlds also varied slightly in their themes and style. The "backstage" songs typically had to do about hopes and dreams, such as the dream to go out to Hollywood to be an actress; whereas  the songs in the real world had to deal with solving actual physical problems, like when Bugsy Malone gets together a team of unemployed children to help him steal some marshmallow guns. It becomes really interesting by the end of the film once the two worlds overlap. In addition to this, the fact that Bugsy was able to be a drifter and go between both of these two worlds really allowed for a more educated look on the world of Bugsy Malone.
Worlds collide! Can they be together?


  1. Clarify- Marshmallow guns? I think it was pie.
    Value- Nice opening with lots of examples.
    Concerns/Suggestions- I actually thought that the usage of adults voices for when the kids sang had the opposite effects of weighing things down. I thought it made what we were viewing even stranger, thus any actual "heavy impact" it could of had on faded away.

  2. Clarify: None. I understand everything you are and are not even trying to say.

    I like the pictures.
    I think it has a solid opening.
    I think the examples really sell it.
    Maybe rethink the part of the adult voice actors, because I kind of was lost while watching it a bit in regards to that.

  3. Clarify: Ok, specifically HOW does the use of dubbed voices make the film's ideas have much more "merit and weight"? Clarify many of your vague examples.

    Value: Nice use of pictures.

    Concern: You commented on your own post. All of your points are vague and most are unsupported by specific examples. It's pretty short. You also obviously put very little genuine thought into this post.

    Suggest: Your second paragraph worked better than the others. Aim for something like that with the others, and tie your writing together with a thesis.

  4. Clarify: I think this is pretty much clear. I mean you could of gone more in depth but what you have is clear.

    Value: The pictures were nice and I felt like the use of the word zazziness was a good choice.

    Concern: I am concerned about how strong your ending is... it seems like you just kind of trailed off.

    Suggestions: Work on your last paragraph! Tie it up nicely to give us a nice round post.