Sunday, April 28, 2013


Stalker really is an interesting film. It establishes an otherworldly Zone in the very beginning and creates a simple set of rules to govern the Zone as the movie progresses. We start the film with an idea of the Zone but that is all it is. Even when we get there, the Zone isn't this crazy place- it just is. The rules still apply that we learn along the journey or at least appear to affect the characters; however, we don't see any real signs of it affecting them. To me, this makes it an even more powerful place or at least idea- it is very similar to life. We, as an audience, are observers to the characters and since the perception of reality is personal, we do not feel the effects the characters may or may not be undergoing. We just see them and how it has a significance to them, which makes it more similar to real life and easier to suck the audience into. What really struck me about the reading was what the director actually had to say about the Zone. I found the Zone to be the strongest part of the movie for me. It had this weird influence while still appearing to have none at all while I was watching it. It really stuck with me how the director said that the Zone has no deeper meaning, since that was what made it stand out and influence me so much. Watching it, I was able to really believe the story or at least reality of the world and it was able to impact me in a more subtle way. I think due to the style and use of a quotation at the beginning, the journey I underwent was able to stay with me longer.

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