Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Homework 2 9/30/11

Film History:

Part 1:
Attention fellow colleagues, I have just seen a breakthrough piece of technology- the cinematographe and it's product. I do not; however, know what actual purposes this machine can hold in the future. But, Edison's shorts were rather astounding. How was he able to make those actions come to life in front of us? I look forward to seeing Edison's future works, those movements are so vivid, full, and captivating. I am sure that there must be some use for this. It truly is magical. Only time will tell.
Part 2:
I wrote about that way for various reasons. First, I keep the ambiguity in the author's position towards the invention, because that parallels Edison's early attitude. Clearly, he was astonished; however, he was also trying to look at it objectively for the article. I chose that film to write about, because it was the very first ones, so the impact and novelty of this invention and shorts were most prominent at this time- leaving me with many different emotions and tones to explore. I think he would react that way because it is just so mind shattering to be able to see these actions- a narrative that engaged, however, would have had an even more noticeable effect. He could have instantly noticed that the cinema is going to be a great form of entertainment; however, Edison's first shorts were presented more as a showcase for the new invention he had created.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Homework 1 9/15/11

The Meta-assignment
Analysis of different film analysis:

A Beautiful Mind Review:
Overall rating: 8

Is there a thesis?: Yes. The review is trying to prove and show the ways that Howard conveys aspects of John's mind such as his schizophrenia and genius throughout the film. 
Are there in depth examples of specific film style?: There is some- the reference of seeing John through shards of broken glass in one scene; however, most of the critique is in the form of the story and directing overall in regards to the thesis.

Are there in depth explorations of film content?: Yes. Most of the article pertains to the specific plot, characters, and theme of the piece over an in depth analysis of the technical sides of the film.

Is the piece exploring how those aspects function in the film?: Yes. The review does heavily praise Howard's directing; however, it is only at the beginning of the article. For most of the review, it focuses on the specific examples from the film in accordance with the thesis of the article.

Black Swan Review:
Overall rating: 2

Is there a thesis?: Not particularly in a critical way. The main focus of this article is to review and praise Aronofsky's Black Swan NOT to analyze it. 

Are there in depth analysis of specific film style?: Very little in a critical sense. The deepest this article gets into analyzing Black Swan is stating that it is rife with Aronofsky's camera movements as well as a dark musical accompaniment to the film.

Are there in depth analysis of film content?: Very little in a critical sense. The analysis of content pretty much ends with the statement that the film is dark thematically. 

Is the piece exploring how those aspects function in the film?: No. The review is focused with reviewing the film in general. It is too opinionated to be a critical analysis aside from the fact that it doesn't contain much substance other than what is typically found in a review.

Deconstructing Sucker Punch:
Overall rating: 5

Is there a thesis?: Yes. The thesis; however, doesn't go into many critical aspects of the film or filmmaking other than the story of the piece and some minor aesthetics.

Are there in depth analysis of specific film style?: A very small amount. The only analysis of specific film style comes in the form of a review of the cinematography of the film's stylization in directly through referencing different looks amongst the layers of realities which form the film.

Are there in depth analysis of film content?: A fair amount. Once again, much like Black Swan, this article is mostly a review of the film. However, unlike Black Swan, this review goes into the specifics of the story and slightly analyzes them- such as determining the film's protagonist.

Is the piece exploring how those aspects function in the film?: Moderately. The film does do this to a slight extent; however, most of the focus is once again on the story and not the technical aspects of filmmaking in a critical and in depth sense. 

Bicycle Thief:
Overall rating: 4.5

Is there a thesis?: There really isn't much of a thesis in the review other than to prove that the film is good.

Are there in depth analysis of specific film style?: Not particularly. Most of this article is a general review of the movie. The article even concludes with a list of films the author relates to this particular film.  It does go briefly into the use of a 360* view provided in the final scene of the film, however.

Are there in depth analysis of film content?: Somewhat. The review does go into more specifics of the film's content than its technical aspects; however, when it does get into a minor analysis of the content of the piece, it is only at a surface level for only a sentence or two.

Is the piece exploring how those aspects function in the film?: Slightly. The review does go into some aspects of the whole film; however, the review does not really do so in a contrite and objective fashion. Aspects of the film do come up and are briefly reviewed; however, it is not done with a critical eye and is rather opinionated.